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VI Talk is a CIO (charitable incorporated organisation) supporting blind and partially sighted people, their families and friends. It is also aimed at anyone who works in the field of visual impairment. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Audio Boom, the sonata player i blink radio and we also have a bimonthly newsletter which you can subscribe to. We love to hear from people and you can email us info@vitalk.co.uk or leave us a voice message on 0161 298 8255.

Saving the Cliffden Hotel

the Trustees of VI Talk as a charity have made a decision to put the charity forward to purchase the Cliffden Hotel. This hotel is currently a Vision Hotel owned by Guide Dogs for the Blind Association and run by Action for Blind People. It is currently in the process of being sold (hopefully as a going concern) The possibility of this hotel closing has caused great concern amongst regular guests, the visual impairment community and the local community as a whole. An invaluable resource for so many individuals and families throughout the year and for a whole variety of reasons. Along with the ability to continue to operate the hotel and all that it currently offers, the Cliffden would bring many more opportunities to VI Talk as a charity and the people it supports. Below is  a link to our crowdfunding page, please share with your friends and networks as widely as possible, donate as much as possible and help VI Talk to fulfil its objective to provide on-going support for visually impaired people of all ages.
Your help with this and to take the charity and all it aims to achieve forward would be greatly appreciated. Any queries please email info@vitalk.co.uk

Please visit the Crowdfunding page


Also keep up to date on the on the Saving The Cliffden Hotel Facebook page