Episode 3 April 2014 Travel and Holidays

Here goes with Episode 3 of the VI Talk podcast.  We had so much to include we have had to keep some back for the channel and hopefully for next month.  Our main theme this month is travel and holidays with a mix of other great items, so here’s what to expect.

We start off with Teresa from the Belmont Hotel in Llandudno. The Belmont is a specialist hotel run by The Royal Blind Society.  For further information or to book contact them on 01492 877770 or visit http://royalblindsociety.org/

Now time to feature our Charity of the month.This time it’s Laura Hughes from Moor vision, for more information please see  http://www.moorvision.org/

Next we have information on an event being held on the 2nd of May at Bradbury Fields in Liverpool in partnership with Optelec. Please see http://www.bradburyfields.org.uk/default.aspx for further information

We then have the pleasure of talking to Ilkka Pirttimaa who created and developed the App “Blind Square”.  Check out the app store on Iphone or Ipad for more information.

Next up, time for a Coffee Break.  This time we are sharing a coffee with Andrea Begley the winner of BBC’s The Voice 2013 .  We also feature a song from her latest album.

Moving swiftly on its time to speak to Emily Davison, from Fashioneyesta.com who will be bringing her series VI Frontline 101 to VItalk.
The first episode, going to the gym, is available on the audioboo channel and will be on our next podcast.

Finally we talk to Lianna from Transport for all in London about the services they provide to assist disabled travellers in and around London.  You can contact them on their website at http://www.transportforall.org.uk/

Well, that’s about it for this month so we will leave you here and hope you have enjoyed listening.

Please contact us or keep up-to-date with VI Talk in the following ways

Website www.vitalk.co.uk
Email info@vitalk.co.uk
Search VI Talk on facebook for our group and page
Our Audioboo Channel is www.audioboo.fm/channel/vitalk
Twitter is @VITalkPodcast
or leave a voicemail on 0161 298 8255

So until the next podcast take care

Michael & Jo

To Listen click the following link

Episode 3 April 2014 Travel and Holidays


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