Back with a clatter and a bang

Now this has been very strange. In fact, if you speak to some of those who know me, being quiet for such a period of time would normally set off alarms and recommendations for emergency treatment.  Ah alas, any concerns can be put gently aside straight away as truly I haven’t had a great deal to say.  However, this doesn’t me that the brain hasn’t been ticking over and my observations shut down.  On the contrary, there have been a number of events that have given me ideas for future blog entries; maybe this time verging on the slightly controversial.


However, on this occasion, I will keep things brief and short. It’s been an extremely busy few weeks; both in and outside of work.  It’s been an enjoyable time as I like being busy, but I have missed writing and posting the blogs on this website. I’ve had some interesting experiences in obtaining good customer service when travelling (yet again), seen the worst side of education providers and finally come to the conclusion (after many years) that if you need help, you need to shout for it.  Ah, but more will follow I’m sure.


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