In this blog, I try where possible not to represent the views and opinions of any one organisation. If any opinions are expressed, they tend to be my own and are based on my own day to day experiences. However, this does not mean that I won’t promote the work of organisations in and outside the VI Sector. I’m more than happy to highlight and promote issues that can and do affect the lives of many Visually Impaired people. If there is an issue or an area of interest that you would like me to cover then please feel free to get in touch.

In having the opportunity to write and express views and opinions, I aim to cover issues that are relevant to us as visually impaired people. At times, the subject matter may be quite heavy and it will highlight problems and inequalities. However, at the same point, I want to write about and reflect upon things that can motivate, inspire and positively encourage people to seek opportunities in whatever they decide to do. Being visually Impaired has its many challenges, but there are opportunities in life that can enable rather than deny and inhibit progress.

I hope that you are enjoying this blog. I’m loving the opportunity to write it and I’m looking forward to producing more written reflections, thoughts and opinions in the future. The next series of articles will be on campaigning and the important work that is carried out by individuals and organisations in this area.

To contact me, please feel free to private message me on facebook or contact me via twitter @ianbev