I must admit that last week was an extremely frustrating experience for me. I had plans for this blog but due to severe technical problems with my computer (i.e. it wasn’t talking), I had to shelve them. It did get me thinking though about the many frustrations in life that we experience; the obsticles we come across, the barriers that we bang into and the technology that we simply want to put through the window.

These reflections certainly have a serious undertone to them, but hopefully they will encourage you to give some examples of the frustrations that you face daily.

I had a fairly good idea what had gone wrong with my computer last week. Additionally, I had some ideas of how to solve it, but due to the lack of sound from the wretched machine, I couldn’t utilise the screen reader in applying these thoughts. I did get some good help the next day at work and some invaluable support, but the frustration of not being able to resolve this myself on the day was there to be heard (or not be if you’re of a delicate constitution).

Now, I would wager a bet that many of you have walked into something at some point in your life. Wether you can see or not, you may have banged an arm, your nose or even your head on a cupboard drawer or door that had been accidently left open. I’ve recently managed to walk into a trailer that was parked across a pavement outside a leeds city centre car park. It was quite high up and out of the sightline of evans, so when I caught the overhang with the top of my arm, the frustration felt was total. I was initially annoyed with myself, but looking at the situation, the trailer and what had been dragging it shouldn’t have been there. The frustration though was rightly directed towards those who hadn’t thought out the consequences of what they had done. Parking on a pavement is bad enough, but when it is something that is going to cause problems (and bruising for others) then the people responsible should rightly be fined
for what they have done.

The frustrations of being blind hey. Hmm, is this another case of count to ten and start again? Beware all of those who drive around dragging trailers, you’re on my radar now!!!