As has been pointed out to me, I’ve been lucky to have had the opportunity to have had a good holiday. Well, very true, but after the last few months, I’ve needed the opportunity to rest and take time out from a busy work schedule; something I’m sure many readers will have done or would like to do. I’m going to give my reflections on the holiday next week as it will be good for me to give some time to bring my thoughts together; especially from a visual impairment perspective.

Many thanks to tanja for kindly publishing a guest blog in my absence. This was an excellent article and gave some considered reflections and prspectives on visual impairment. Along with Tanja, if anybody would like to submit an article to appear on this section of the website then please feel free to contact me. As long as the content is VI related and can be published then it will be good to have a few different voices sharing views, opinions and experiences.

Prior to my last blog article, we were talking about the current campaigns run by both RNIB and Guide dogs on street clutter, shared surfaces and the hazzards that face us on our pavements when trying to get out and about. I will resume this in two weeks time by giving reflections on personal experiences and how it is getting harder to navigate some streets because of their design and the lack of awareness from some.

If you would like a particular subject covered within this blog then please feel free to contact me. The best way to do this is by sending me a direct message via facebook.

Happy reading and if you’d like to contribute to this blog then happy writing too. Oh yes and most importantly, many thanks to Chris for reading the audio version of this blog. I had the please of meeting him and his wife Tracey when I was on holiday in devon. A real pleasure to meet you both and also many thanks for your ongoing help.