Traditionally, at this time of year, many people are either thinking about or indeed going on holiday. After all, isn’t the sun meant to shine for day upon day during the months of July and August? Sadly not any more as the weather becomes more unpredictable but still many strive to find a means of getting away and enjoy a break from the usual run of life.

Understandably, taking a holiday can be difficult if not prohibitive to some on grounds of cost. Along with concerns on accessibility, barriers may still exist for some when wanting and needing to take a break. Access and cost do not always form a great partnership and often the more accessible the option, the greater the cost is to the VI Customer. Doesn’t that sound very familiar; especially in relation to buying technology? It is certainly an area that needs to be addressed.

the benefit of having a holiday goes way beyond going somewhere different for a period of time. Life has its many stresses and strains and having the opportunity to relax in a different environment, away from these is hugely benefitial. I know that spendign a couple of weeks away from work and the day to day jollities of the fun filled commute.

Many people do go on holiday with family and friends and this works out well for them. However, what are the options like for those of us who want or have to take holidays without this support? Taking into account the cost element, are the options there to make a success of a chosen break away? Practically, do we have the choice to go anywhere or are we restricted to where the provision and support dictate where we go? Additionally, with that provision, does it meet needs, give value and offer realistic customer led support?

In my next article, I will look at my recent visit to one of the Vision hotels where specialist VI support is given as its guiding aim.