A Day Out at Walmart


By Amanda Nelson


As an active job seeker, I understand and appreciate a break from unemployment Island. This past Thursday I took the Paratransit to Walmart.

Now, this store, I haven’t been to in quite a while, so I felt lost as I looked for the things on my list. I was feeling stressed by the stimuli of the lights, sound and busyness of the people walking around the store.

The first thing I did to help calm my nerves was get some lunch. I stopped by Subway and ordered a $6.00 special. I had a meatball sub, sour cream and onion chips, and a Dr. Pepper to drink. Even though I enjoyed my lunch, I had to eat quickly because my shopping time was limited because of the Paratransit service.

Once I hit the aisles, I went straight for the electronics department. I had to look for quite a while to fine the earphones. After I found them I went to the back of the store, where I thought the pet supplies were. I finally had to ask another customer where the dog shampoo was. I had to walk all the way to the front of the store to fine it! Come to find out, the layout of the store is completely opposite than the one I go to regularly.

The supplies where picked over, and the type of shampoo I wanted wasn’t there, so I had to pick some other brand.

I went on to pick up some sodas, and I had to call my best friend to ask her what brand she wanted. After I looked around I found her favorite brand. I couldn’t find my favorite at first, but after looking I found what I wanted. The price was good too. 😊

I was ready to go grab the last item on my list-cookies. I was happy to find the kind that my best friend and I liked the best.

I then rushed for the checkout; I was lucky to find one line that was not busy. My checkout was speedy.

I really wanted to go the The Dollar Tree. I found out that it had be moved to a nearby location, and even though it was in walking distance I did not feel comfortable walking there because I did not want to miss my ride, plus my hands were full. To help kill my remaining time, I went and got a cookie.

I had a very long cab ride home and was happy when I got home later that afternoon.

Please note: This article was not sponsored by any of the stores mentioned in my article.

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