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Interview with Emily Davison From  Here she introduces herself and the exclusive projects being done with VI Talk

Greetings Everyone!
A very warm welcome to you all and thank you for stopping by to listen today.
I would just like to introduce myself and my website to you all as I am going to be a regular voice here on VI Talk

My name is Emily Davison and I run a website known as, fashioneyesta is an online fashion and lifestyle website designed for those with sight loss.

I founded is 2012 in order to help those with limited vision to access fashion and to enable them to develop their own unique sense of style as I truly believe that being sight impaired does not mean that you should have to feel excluded from the fashion and cosmetics industry.

So come along and join me on my escapade to end those unfair perceptions of visual impairment and fashion and to improve the services that I can offer.
Today I introduce my two upcoming series to VI Talk

Special Thanks to Jo and Michael.


Episode 1. Going to the Gym

Welcome to the first episode of VI Frontline 101: Fashion advice for those compromising situations in life. Brought to you by Emily Davison at in the first episode we will be discussing all things that will make you look and feel your best when going to the gum!


Episode 2 The Job interview

Greetings Everyone!
Welcome back to another exclusive episode of VI Frontline 101, brought to you by Emily Davison at

Episode Two: The Job Interview

In todays episode I tell you all from my own personal experiences about the best ways to dress for a job interview and some tips and tricks for confidence.

After all a recent study reported that a shocking 66% of people with a visual impairment within the working age were not in employment.

I hope that this podcast goes some way to decreasing this figure.


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Emily’s Social Links

Twitter: @DavisonEm
Skype: fashioneyesta
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I appear on RNIB’s Insight radio at 2.15 pm every Friday.